SATellite Network of EXperts IV

SatNEx IV is a project funded by the European Space Agency in the framework of Future Preparations ARTES Program and Technical Directorate Network of Centers.

Objective 1

Early identification, exploration and scientific assessment of promising new R&D avenues for satellite telecom networks for possible injection in ESA’s R&D programs.

Objective 2

Detection and preliminary assessment of promising terrestrial telecommunication technology spinin into space telecom applications..

Objective 3

Enhanced cooperation between the European/Canadian industry and research institutions on telecom satellite applied research subjects of common interest.


Current Phase:  Call-of-Order 2 Part 1 (Year 3)
Start Date:  2017-06-01
Total Budget (Four Years): 1,200.000.00 €
Prime Contractor:  Centre Tecnològic de les Telecomunicacions de Catalunya.
Project Coordinator: Ana I. Pérez-Neira
ESA Project Officer: Nader Alagha


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